Motor Park Copnor

[Edit] 14/4/22
The site appears to have been abandoned. I suspect the vendor who took it over was was sold a dud with arrears outstanding to the Council. Another small business struggling to make ends meet and support a family gets blindsided by technicalities.

The food I was sewrved warranted another visit but I don’t suppose that comes into anyones reckoning.

Just around the corner from Hendy Dacia. On the corner of Airport Service Rd and Robinson Way.

Food vans in Copnor Portsmouth

This time I ordered a bacon and cheese burger.

No complaints.

Soft fresh bun. More than enough bacon, melted cheese and a cold coke to wash it down. The trailer owner has been doing this long enough to know what works. Although I understand that the business recently changed hands and there appears to be a complication with Council and unpaid rent that is arrears.

Takeaway food in Copnor Port Elizabeth

Last time it was a hot dog as well as cheesy chips, plenty of salt and both were good enough to recommend a second take.

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