Event caterers in Kent

Keaton Randall is Saffa Bru, a South African inspired street food business local to Kent.

South African street food in the south east of England

Catering for private events, they can also be found at local street food markets and festivals.

Street food in Kent

With a permanent location at the Black Griffin in the Canterbury High St.

Best steaks in Canterbury

Hayling Billy Bites

Topped up with fuel at the Applegreen filling station on Hayling. Then forded the water course on the road to the parking site behind the ESSO garage on the Billy trail, for a couple of Billy Burgers.

Food trucks on Hayling Island



Nick Wastie facebook.com/groups/125916260921570/user/100004092668441

Tracey Riches (Tracey Lovesay) facebook.com/tracey.riches.18

Portchester Castle

Visitors to Portchester Castle will inevitably bump into Claude.

Vintage mobile coffee van south east of England


Not your standard same old, same old. This vintage mobile coffee bar is deliberately different.

Crab sandwiches in Fareham


Offering locally roasted coffee, home baked cakes, savouries, waffles and their delicious crab sandwiches.

Suspended coffee service Hampshier


But what is really special is the passion and enthusiasm of everyone involved. Providing a service that is different. A genuine committment to local, to their customers, to the community and if you happen to have forgotten your wallet there is a token board which everyone is welcome to use to redeem a suspended coffee that has been paid forward.

Yummez Midhurst

For the past fourteen years Yummez Burger Bar has been flipping burgers on the Petersfield Rd

Takeaway burgers in Midhurst


In a lay by on the right hand side of the road just before Midhurst. Fast food, done right.

Mobile food vans in Midhurst


Supported by regular customers looking for a quick bite on the move. They offer a standard menu of breakfast baps, burgers, toasties and hot dogs. Along with cool drinks and a selection of snacks

Roadside food stall Midhurst
Open until four o’clock and you can phone ahead to arrange to collect your order on the way past.


Couldn’t resist the Zimbos Mombe Burger

Food vans Hythe beachfront

They are exceptions to the rule. But have a nasty feeling that Covid put paid to this.

Motor Park Copnor

[Edit] 14/4/22
The site appears to have been abandoned. I suspect the vendor who took it over was was sold a dud with arrears outstanding to the Council. Another small business struggling to make ends meet and support a family gets blindsided by technicalities.

The food I was sewrved warranted another visit but I don’t suppose that comes into anyones reckoning.

Just around the corner from Hendy Dacia. On the corner of Airport Service Rd and Robinson Way.

Food vans in Copnor Portsmouth

This time I ordered a bacon and cheese burger.

No complaints.

Soft fresh bun. More than enough bacon, melted cheese and a cold coke to wash it down. The trailer owner has been doing this long enough to know what works. Although I understand that the business recently changed hands and there appears to be a complication with Council and unpaid rent that is arrears.

Takeaway food in Copnor Port Elizabeth

Last time it was a hot dog as well as cheesy chips, plenty of salt and both were good enough to recommend a second take.

Jacket Potato

[Edit] Closed Original, imaginative and authentic is a difficult one.

Two was definitely too much.

But I couldn’t decide between The Mexcian and the BBQ Pulled Pork toppings at Mr Jack Potato.

A very small fast food takeaway tucked away on the Oving Rd behind the Four Chestnuts. Serving some of the more imaginative street food options to be found in Chichester.