The Community Oven

How do you see the world?
Is it perfect? Of course not.
Can we fix all the problems? Of course not.
Can we make a difference? Of course we can.

Doesn’t matter how small the achievement we believe in making a difference to people’s lives, it may be in a very small way, but that’s the core of what we do, we want to make a difference and that is our purpose.

It’s important to appreciate food, it’s such a fundamental aspect of all our lives, we believe that cooking and eating together can be a very beneficial experience and helps form bonds in a community. We also believe that good food should be healthy and above all tasty!

It is difficult to say much more that that.

Whilst looking, I happened to stumble over the Community Oven and it is difficult to say much more that that. I tire very quickly of sleek professionally fitted coffee shops, restaurants and farm shops. Gravitating rather to greasey food trucks specialising in high carb junk foods liberally doused with fried onions, spicy sauces and accompanied by a sticky drink.

Honest, unapologetic and unpretentious.

But not all of the time. Occasionally one does stumble over someone else hell bent on doing different.

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