Street food

Two was definitely too much.

But I couldn’t decide between The Mexcian and the BBQ Pulled Pork toppings at Mr Jack Potato.

A very small fast food takeaway tucked away on the Oving Rd behind the Four Chestnuts. Serving some of the more imaginative street food options to be found in Chichester.

Outdoor caterers

Distinctly different, it is hard to miss the South African StrEat Food van

Mobile caterers in the south of England

Criss crossing through the countryside in Northamptonshire to the urban bustle of London. From Hertfordshire to Buckinghamshire this is a busy, busy mobile shop and South African street food stall.

Criss crossing the countryside from Northamptonshire to the hustle and bustle of London. From Hertfordshire to Buckinghamshire this is a busy, busy mobile shop and South African street food stall.

Burger Shack Pit Stop

Doner Kebabs don’t do it for me.

Greek pita gyros Havant

But a homemade Greek pita gyros in another story and there is a food van on Brockenhurst Lane behind Sports Direct in the Solent Retail Park, doing just that.

But whats the difference ?

Hunger Busters

Find Hunger Busters, Wednesday to Sunday weather permitting, where the road ends at the Marine Beach car park on the beachfront in Selsey.
Food vans in Selsey
For full on burgers, hot dogs and very generous baps. The menu offers a good selection of hot trailer food cooked to keep their clients coming back for more.

Burgers in Selsey
The village has a long history of fishing, still has its own fleet and a stroll along the narrow promenade, together with some of the best street food to be found in Chichester, is one of those rare and simple pleasures.

Hot dogs in Chichester
They also do a breakfast on the go.

Beach breakfast in Selsey
As well as well as a piping hot jacket potato and cheese.

Jacket potato in Selsey

Cornish’s Cookhouse

When it comes to burgers Jamie Himlin-Ladd goes for the Cookhouse Burger from the Cornish Cookhouse at the beachfront on Hayling Island.

Best burger on Hayling beachfront

“What an absolute joy to turn up for a swim in the sea & see this absolute beauty of a truck in the car park. After a quick swim I ventured back & was given a warm welcome by two super friendly ladies. The food was divine, I had the salt beef brisket bagel & my friend loved her vegan option, it is a must try. An absolute gem of a find & looking forward to returning again very soon to work my way through the menu.”

Best street food in Havant

Street food as it is meant to be eaten

Best street food in Portsmouth

Vietnamese street foods

Jeremy mentioned that he had spotted a sign announcing the imminent opening of the Saigon Munch Box at the Chichester station. But for some reason I needed reminding.

This time I found it

Event caterers in Kent

Keaton Randall is Saffa Bru, a South African inspired street food business local to Kent.

South African street food in the south east of England

Catering for private events, they can also be found at local street food markets and festivals.

Street food in Kent

With a permanent location at the Black Griffin in the Canterbury High St.

Best steaks in Canterbury

Portchester Castle

Visitors to Portchester Castle will inevitably bump into Claude.

Vintage mobile coffee van south east of England


Not your standard same old, same old. This vintage mobile coffee bar is deliberately different.

Crab sandwiches in Fareham


Offering locally roasted coffee, home baked cakes, savouries, waffles and their delicious crab sandwiches.

Suspended coffee service Hampshier


But what is really special is the passion and enthusiasm of everyone involved. Providing a service that is different. A genuine committment to local, to their customers, to the community and if you happen to have forgotten your wallet there is a token board which everyone is welcome to use to redeem a suspended coffee that has been paid forward.

The Community Oven

How do you see the world?
Is it perfect? Of course not.
Can we fix all the problems? Of course not.
Can we make a difference? Of course we can.

Doesn’t matter how small the achievement we believe in making a difference to people’s lives, it may be in a very small way, but that’s the core of what we do, we want to make a difference and that is our purpose.

It’s important to appreciate food, it’s such a fundamental aspect of all our lives, we believe that cooking and eating together can be a very beneficial experience and helps form bonds in a community. We also believe that good food should be healthy and above all tasty!

It is difficult to say much more that that.

Whilst looking, I happened to stumble over the Community Oven and it is difficult to say much more that that. I tire very quickly of sleek professionally fitted coffee shops, restaurants and farm shops. Gravitating rather to greasey food trucks specialising in high carb junk foods liberally doused with fried onions, spicy sauces and accompanied by a sticky drink.

Honest, unapologetic and unpretentious.

But not all of the time. Occasionally one does stumble over someone else hell bent on doing different.